Premium Internet Access

Why signup for Address.com Premium Access?

Address.com Premium Access is a premiere service that provides exceptional Internet access and availability throughout the U.S. and Canada. And what could be better from the company that brought you the BEST "Address" on the Net! People choose Address.com for fast and reliable 56k Internet access without the extra expense and headaches associated with other ISP's. Surf as long or as little as you like without "Commercial Breaks". There are no hidden gimmicks, just affordable Internet access. Address.com is proud to provide high quality Internet access and hope you will take full advantage of our totally free features and services including e-mail (yourname@address.com), web searches, and more!


Note: All Address.com Services can be used independently of one another!

Cost: $9.95US/Month
Connection Speeds up to:
Commercial Breaks:
Surfing Restrictions:None!

Premium Internet Access

Note: Please read our Terms of Use for "Premium Access"

Technical Support: (800)794-4289

Please take some time to explore the entire Address.com site. We hope to provide you with years of excellent service and welcome your direct feedback. Address.com is constantly improving so we can better meet the needs of people like you. Contact us anytime at (comments@address.com). One last thinghttp://www.address.com. If you like Address.com, please tell a few friends about our service.

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